A little about me besides the obvious that I love makeup. My mantra is never to give up. No matter what happens to you along the way. Life is going to be extremely hard. It’s not supposed to be easy. When I was 12, my mom died of breast cancer but she never gave up fighting for her life. A few months later, her mother, my beloved grandmother also died. A few months later, I was gifted a stepmom and two stepsisters. I felt like Cinderella at times, always knowing I wasn’t her daughter.

Nothing ever came easy for me. I was bullied all the way through junior high and high school because my father was the high school principal. I was bullied not just by other students but by teachers and staff who didn’t like my dad. It never stopped me from participating in sports, clubs, musicals, cheerleading, and volunteering. I always put my best foot forward and always finished my task. But being a perfectionist in high school broke me in college. College was hard. I had a lot of financial pressure of my own doing put on myself. So, I worked more than I studied. My graded suffered those first two years. I also always took the maximum amount of allowed classes each quarter/semester. I put too much pressure on myself. But, I didn’t give up or quit, and I graduated in four years at a great university. The final example I will give of how I follow my mantra is more recent. I was a stockbroker for about 6 and a half years but during that time, I suffered from debilitating migraines. I was on a combination of medicine for approximately seven years, one of which gave me severe, permanent tremors. When I was showing the debilitating signs of this Parkinsonian disease this medicine has left me with, I had switched to my dream job of cardiovascular research and published my first paper ( I’m now completely disabled but not stopped. I will never give up.

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